Recently at IFF we have been taking our yoga practice more serious by joining a studio in the city along with an at-home guide via the YogaStudio app. I've been at it for a few years and Haley is a bit of a neophyte so we are learning the ins and outs of meditation and strength training together.

It is impossible not to immediately become aware of the benefits of yoga once you begin so we wanted to share a few of our favorite yogi tools to help inspire your personal practice! And let's be honest, there's no greater incentive that those last few minutes of Savasana heaven. #Namaste.


ICYMI the #LIKEAGIRL Super Bowl XLIX ad, brought to us by Always, topped Twitter during Sunday's big game. The ad was smart, effective and empowering which is why it serves as the perfect inspiration for today's post on running.

Neither Haley or myself consider ourselves runners (light joggers, if you will) but there is some scientific magic behind the fact that I will always push a mile longer on my treadmill and/or Atlanta's beautiful Beltline when I'm sporting attractive activewear.

Along with cute clothes ('cause again, science) the right routine + music can make or break your stride. After scouring Pinterest, I stumbled upon this gem a year ago -- Self Magazine's Treadmill Mixup. It's my go-to cardio routine and can easily be modified to fit your running needs.

Lastly, we both rely on the 8tracks app for gym mode mood-setting, but we decided to create an IFF-approved workout playlist to get you (and your booty) groovin'. Just know in advance, there's a lot of Queen Bey. Play on.

Pants: Nike // Tank: Victoria Secret // Sports Bra: H&M // Shoes: J.Crew // Earbuds: Urban Outfitters // Bottle: Kleen Kanteen // iPhone Case: Melody Joy Designs