In Fine Feather: Excellent appearance, In good form. Healthy; full of vitality and spirit. Alludes to a bird of a bright feather. The concept of IFF is to showcase the movers, shakers and makers in health throughout Georgia. By specifically highlighting trends in food, fitness and wellness, founders Tess Harper and Haley Sheffield are setting out to spotlight the very best of the South's holistic health community.

About Tess:

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As a Georgia-grown gal, I have roots in both the big city of Atlanta as well as the small (but bustling), historic town of Macon. Both are near and dear to me, which is how I became inspired to pen this blog. My passion for public health + public relations spurred from my time at a small non-profit focused on regional health innovation. Through my work, I helped cultivate a producer-only farmers' market in downtown Macon. Currently, I am the marketing & design director for Genuine Georgia, a business devoted to spreading the goodness of Georgia peaches around the world.

Along with wellness, I love art, music, and film. I enjoy a good detox smoothie and my favorite forms of exercise span from circuit training and kickboxing to dance and yoga. PS this blog is 100% authentic so let's be real, y'all -- I love my Southern staples: bourbon and bacon. I've reconciled that it is perfectly perfect to indulge and still maintain a healthy lifestyle, always being mindful about what I consume. While there's no such thing as work/life balance, I'm a firm believer that through dedication, meditation and prayer to the Good Lord above, you can improve and sustain your overall well-being.

About Haley:

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Also a resident to the beautiful state of Georgia for most of my life, my husband and I moved from the Macon area to Atlanta a few years ago. My background is mostly in the arts, performing throughout high school and leaping out into owning a photography business in 2010. While my career led me to a wonderful city, my perspective on health and holistic living has come alive through encountering some of Atlanta's finest contributions to their community. The Belt Line, for instance, was perhaps the very first incentive I've ever had to go on walks as frequently as possible.

My health journey has been a crazy one (and ongoing at that), but I 'm well aware that my struggles are shared with so many of my peers. In the last year, I've discovered the innumerable benefits of whole foods and I've also joined a dance studio (this was a recent development that I've been dreaming of ever since graduating high school where I thought my dancing days were forever behind me). I am a true lover of kale and brussel sprouts but also a total chocoholic and an avid latte drinker. And let's be honest, I am guilty of watching Food, Inc. while wiping down a bowl of Mac-n-Cheese. Regardless of my weaknesses, I am certain that what we put into our bodies matters and that how we treat ourselves now will greatly affect our ability to enjoy life in the coming days, months and years. I am excited to have the chance to invest in my future in such a direct way and thrilled at the opportunities this journey brings for the present.